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Kul Nijjar: Helping to Discover a Place You can Call Home

It is a great feeling to help people move forward in their lives, which is the best part of being in the real estate industry. Buying or selling a home can be emotional, but often they are a part of a larger process, that is finding a home, where the next stage of life begins.

Meet, Kul Nijjar, founder of Kootenay BC Property Matchmakers. Kul’s beginnings in real estate came from needing employment, something where she could stay at home and raise her family in Kaslo. Her story started in Domeli, Punjab, India. Kul was only 5 years old when her family moved to Toronto. From there, Kul’s journey through life has brought her to Argenta, and later to Kaslo, BC. Community is something Kul values, and she always feels, her relationships with people have to be honest and caring.

When Kul became a real estate agent, becoming a real estate agent was primarily a means for her to make a living and remain in Kaslo, her home base and community. Then real estate business meant making hundreds of calls in the pursuit of making money, which Kul never felt right. Over time, Kul figured out how to do real estate differently, challenging the status quo simply by being herself and genuinely caring about people and her community. She focused on improving the quality of life for her clients through finding them the best possible homes, bringing her natural kindness along through every step of the process, from looking through listings to signing the final documents. During the past 12 years of working in the Kootenays, success for Kul has meant empowering people to live fulfilled and engaged lives in the communities where they belong. And doing things right, always.

In 2020, Kul founded her organization, KootenayBC as a bridge between the old way of doing real estate and what’s next. It’s a kinder, simpler, and more engaging experience that goes beyond a business transaction. The kind of service where clients feel supported, heard, and empowered to find their dream home and community.

The Steadfast Leader

Kul enjoys working and challenging herself. She feels, with every new listing or new client there’s a new journey. Not every property is the same and not every client is the same. Dreams and Resolutions – people buy or sell real estate usually for two reasons; because they have a dream to create and a goal to meet. Or it’s because an event has happened in their life and they have to make a tough decision, that usually has an impact on their life choices. So, to be able to assist someone in their exciting or challenging times is satisfying to me. Kul also likes to see how much she can grow and succeed. She says, “In this business, you have to not only keep up with all the changing industry regulations but also the available new technology. It’s not a mundane job that’s for sure.”

When Values are the Driving Forces

Under Kul’s leadership, KootenayBC provides service to its clients, community, team, and the belief that real estate done with heart can help change lives and neighborhoods everyone calls home.

Kul believes, the key to quality and efficiency is professionalism. Her firm offers proactive, engaged, and expert matchmaking services that put the client’s s best interests at the center of everything it does. Kootenay BC is adaptable to shifting circumstances while always being grounded in its values and principles. As a purpose-driven organization, Kootenay BC’s priority is making a positive difference in the lives of people. The firm fosters honest, consistent, and uncompromising principles that guide, its actions and relationships. It is entirely committed to building trusting relationships, being accountable, and staying open to improving at every level.

“Set your life on Fire, Seek those who fan the Flame”

Kul and her colleagues feel energized and inspired by the firm’s purpose and mission. Kootenay BC does not come from a place of lack but rather sees the world as a place full of opportunities that inspire Kul and others to think big. The firm is excited by the challenges ahead and is positive, grateful, and empowered partners for its clients and communities. Kul believes, her organization will choose joy over competition and it’ll readily share its knowledge with others while maintaining a beginner’s mind.

Tackling Primary Challenges

Kul Nijjar feels the biggest challenge is probably getting clients to realize, that although the area is very beautiful, people still have to live there. So, clients need to know how they are going to make money, as jobs are scarce. People also don’t always realize the size of the region and that each community is unique and diverse in its way. So, clients may think about moving to the Kootenays, but they do have to learn about the region and all the different communities within. The other challenge is not enough appraisers, home inspectors, lawyers, when it’s busy, everyone is very busy so clients need to accommodate for longer timelines to make sure that everything can be done, on time.

The Pandemic’s Affect

According to Kul Nijjar, the Covid-19 pandemic has certainly provided for a very busy marketplace, especially in the area where Kootenays BC provides its services. The firm is located in the SE interior of BC.

Kootenays has always been considered as a small, hippy, pot-growing, back to the land type of area. It has a ton of outdoor recreation, and as those sports have become more popular it has drawn more attraction from people outside of the area. When Covid hit, all the things that folks may have seen as negatives – ruralness, less populated, fewer amenities, all those things became very popular. All of a sudden folks wanted to be in areas that had less population. Where it’s easier to get to nature.

Advice for Upcoming Entrepreneurs

When we asked Kul Nijjar to provide some suggestions for new entrepreneurs, she says, “Consistency and sticking with it. Nothing happens overnight. There are so many things that are going to challenge your inspiration and your motivation. To just kind of put your head down and keep at it. Don’t pay too close attention to your competitors – know who they are but don’t get stuck paying more attention to their business than your own.”

She also adds, “Knowing your limits – once you know them you can decide to challenge them or to stay within them. Both are good and are dependent on what situations you are in.”

She also advises not to lie, tell the truth no matter how hard it is. “If you screw up don’t make excuses, own and figure out a solution. Ask for help when you need it. Don’t be loud about your accomplishments and how great your ideas are. Let your customers show that to you. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Take the risk and stay cautious at the same time.”-she says.

Picture of the Future

Kul Nijjar feels times are super interesting right now. She can see folks becoming more concerned with their pocketbooks, and the cost of everything. Her goal would be to grow, her business and her brand. Create working relationships with like-minded realtors – provide good honest services – and have more KootenayBC Property Matchmaker visibility in other areas. But if needed she is prepared to see what are the challenges, economy, and housing markets bring and change how she needs to.

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