Marc E. Rippen: Creating A Path Towards An Enhanced Blood Sugar Monitoring With Alertgy

According to the International Diabetes Federation’s last count in 2017, 425 million adults and over a million children are living with diabetes. A further 325 million people are at risk of developing the disease. Luckily, emerging technology makes it easier than ever for patients to take control of their diabetes.

The commitment towards delivering an excellent tool to dietetics with highest standards of quality that prevents borderline diabetes from getting the disease has been the philosophy that has always guided, Alertgy. A frontrunner in diabetes prevention, Alertgy is a name synonymous with groundbreaking and world-class value-centric health solution that is focused on transforming how we monitor blood sugar to improve the lives of diabetics.

The 30 years experienced and highly skilled technical engineer, Marc Rippen has taken the foundation of Alertgy in February 2016. He has worked for multiple fortune 500 companies, Department of Defense (DOD), NASA, SOCOM, and DARPA commercializing dozens of ground-breaking and revolutionary technologies. Marc holds various degrees across multiple interrelated disciplines including: Microbiological Sciences and Immunology, Biophysics, Analytical Chemistry, Masters of Aeronautical Science, Management of Engineering and Technology.

“I started Alertgy after I saved my wife Sue from going into a coma from a low blood sugar attack finding her nearly unconscious on the living room couch. I knew then that I had to do something to find a solution to this life or death problem. I was amazed how many people today face the challenge of managing their blood sugar effectively, and the worry their loved ones and caretakers have not known if they are suffering from a low or high blood sugar attack,” Marc shared.


Alertgy has started with a large wrist cuff sized system for hospital applications. This is being used to gather clinical data to further optimize the performance of the technology and provide third party validation. The team is developing a smaller consumer-friendly wristband more practical for use outside of a clinical or hospital environment.  


The number of diabetics worldwide is 422 million and increasing every day. At this time1/3 of the world’s population is borderline diabetic Alertgy can help people modify their behaviours to avoid becoming diabetic. Like DEXCOM the world’s first Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) company. Alertgy could be a multibillion-dollar company in a short time. 


The greatest accomplishment so far in this journey has been the overcoming multitude of roadblocks that have faced team at Alertgy in the last few years. Throughout the research and development process of their non-invasive monitor, there have been hindrances that would have stopped others in their tracks. The goals that Marc and his people have been able to accomplish as a team, and the problems that they have solved give them all more belief that they will be able to accomplish the mission they set out to do, which is to save the lives of diabetics and dramatically enhance their quality of life. 


Being a CEO in this environment mean staying above the competition in the industry, by always working to develop state-of-the-art technologies to bring to consumers. This demands that Marc pushes Alertgy to always be on the cutting edge of innovation, leading the way on the path towards revolution and not falling behind. 


Some of the core leadership principles are to lead by example, encourage effective communication, facilitate a positive work environment, and work smart to get the most out of every workday and reward hard work. 


Marc shared, “The biggest failure I ever had was doubting in my gut what the best solution to a problem was, and not acting on that. In this case, in my first start-up, I felt that I could raise venture money myself, but got convinced to use a shark tank investor that claimed they could raise capital, I wound up raising 80% of the capital, but we had given away most of the company to this dishonest investor. I did not repeat that mistake this time.


My team at Alertgy would say I am demanding but an encouraging and supportive CEO. As a former military officer, I always practice what I preach. I believe in the mantra: lead, follow or get out of the way. Being mission-focused, I don’t look for faults, but look for solutions. I do not expect anything from anyone that I would not do myself. I believe in motivation through example and opportunity,” explained Marc while taking about his leadership.


The main drive in this journey with Alertgy is developing a solution so that in the future no family has to go through what countless do every day, and what Marc went through with Sue; the feeling of helplessness that comes with blood sugar attacks when there is no one around to help.

“My ultimate life goal is to save lives by providing millions of diabetics with automated life saving high and low blood sugar level alerts, as well as a means to improve their management of diabetes in real-time,” Marc wrapped up.  

Marc Rippen founded Alertgy in 2016 to provide non-invasive real-time blood sugar monitoring and alerts to over 400 million diabetics throughout the world. The brand has been uniquely positioned as a leader in advanced solution for healthcare. It is an excellent solution to improve people’s live who are suffering for diabetics.

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