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Mobiliz Information and Communication Technology Inc.: Revolutionizing Fleet Management

With a massive experience of more than 15 years in providing advanced telematics solutions to the construction, energy, transportation, logistics, FMCG, and other industries, Mobiliz Information and Communication Technology Inc. is Turkey’s leading tracking and telematics fleet management service provider.

The firm was founded back in times when customers with a vehicle fleet were worried about tracking them in real-time and monitoring fuel levels to control expenses. The industry matured very fast as there are relatively low barriers to entry and as a result margins started to erode. 5 – 7 years ago many industry analysts predicted consolidation waves with little room for transformation.

At this point, the company was already aggregating and processing a huge amount of real-time data generated from customer vehicles. It became clear that Mobiliz may play a key role as an innovator in the world of mobility. In essence, the company was among the biggest operator of real-time data, i.e. a true IoT player. So, the key milestone was to deploy a modern IoT backend as a platform for efficient data aggregation and processing engines. In 2021, Mobiliz became a part of the Fleet Management Services Group of Companies, which is the largest fleet management service provider in Southeast Europe. Both organizations have implemented an IoT platform in line with the vision of further development of data analytics services and IoT applications.

The Steadfast Leader Nikolay Kichev is the Chairman of the Board at Mobiliz Information and Communication Technology Inc. He graduated in Economics at the American University of Paris and made a career at a European Telekom group, where he learned by practice the importance of technology in the modern world.

Nikolay is a seasoned ICT manager, who is skilled in business administration, finance, regulatory, public relations affairs, and corporate governance. Nikolay is persistent and tenacious in pursuing results, comfortable with decision-making, demanding targets, and multiple concurrent projects. His empathic, ambitious personality, helps to identify self-fulfillment through the development of teams and people.

Nikolay is also a strong negotiator, who is looking for opportunities to gain mutually satisfying results by building long-standing relationships based on respect and trust.

Helping Clients with Path Breaking Solutions

As an organization, Mobiliz believes, the value chain is rather complex, and it comprises the design of advanced hardware, service installation and activation, state-of-the-art software application, and uncompromised aftersales support. Service excellence and constant innovation have been naturally developed as key values of the company which leads to above-market level growth. For the last 2 years. Mobiliz practically doubled its customer base.

  • New business lines. As part of the digitalization process across various business segments, Mobiliz is moving ahead toward IoT applications, data analytics, asset tracking as well as workflow management, and process optimization.
  • Turkish market size. Mobiliz has a strong presence in 81 provinces in Turkey for its sales and after-sales services. The size of the Turkish market provides, the right scale of operation. It drives the deployment of the newest technologies and requires agility in innovation. The firm tries to stay competitive by quickly responding to customer demands.
  • Turkish market – people. The availability of young well-educated talents is another advantage that the company enjoys compared to its international peers. The start-up environment is booked with more than 150 R&D centers in the mobility segment only.
  • International expansion. Mobiliz performs major projects abroad and continues to grow in international markets with its partners in countries such as Azerbaijan, Germany, Austria, Qatar, and Nigeria. The firm plans to foster further expansion to adjacent countries, Europe, Asia, and Africa with Mobiliz operations being a core part of the expansion process.

“Technology should be used for good. It is a bit provocative statement, but advanced, sometimes disruptive technologies should be used to enhance sustainable, transparent, value accretive relations between all – businesses, partners and people.”

The Pandemic

During the last two years of the pandemic, Mobiliz made record sales. Even the usage of the company’s software platform was doubled very quickly. The pandemic made many businesses reconsider their models of operation, seeking efficiency and process optimization gains. The pandemic has helped to accelerate the digitalization process in many areas.

Awards and Accolades

The firm ranked 2nd for two consecutive years in the Turkey-based Manufacturer IoT and M2M category. It has also ranked 3rd in the IoT and M2M category with Turkey Centered Software Mobile Applications in 2020.

Mobiliz has also rightfully entered the list of the most important companies in Turkey providing systems and solutions on the international level regarding mobility in the transportation sector.

Tackling Challenges

For Mobiliz, the biggest challenge is to be agile in the deployment of the new technologies. The world is global, i.e., very fast. The technology stack is changed (enhanced) every 3-5 years, maybe faster in the future. As a company, we recognize that constant learning and agility should be key capabilities going forward. Therefore, the company plans to further invest in R&D and technology education.

Picture of the Future

As an organization, Mobiliz knows the road ahead is clear and challenging. It would like to play a major role in delivering advanced data analytics services based on IoT applications. This requires the employment of machine learning and AI algorithms to make the data business meaningful for its customers. Further, the business ecosystem between suppliers, dealers, and customers become more sustainable and long-term oriented. It calls for new applications based on blockchain technologies providing real-time data processing and transparency. Last, but most important, Mobiliz is planning to establish an IT academy to provide education in the most advanced technologies, as the established educational framework lags in content and intensity.

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