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PS Energy Group: Providing Comprehensive Fuel Solutions

Our world is entirely dominated by fuels that generate our electricity, power our cars, and heat and cool our homes. Fuel is the main driving force for all industries. Have you ever wondered what might happen if we experience a major disruption in our fuel supply??

With a disrupted fuel supply, many industries will find it very hard to operate. Fuel shortages can cause power reductions, food shortages, and disruption to our daily lives. It is estimated that high food and fuel costs have contributed to the increased number of the world’s extremely poor by the millions. While the impact of food and fuel shortages affects both urban and rural populations, research shows that the urban population is hit the hardest by the rising costs.

PS Energy Group, Inc is a leader in fuel management and fleet asset management. Founded in 1985, the organization’s expertise in fuel delivery, refueling, and fuel management keep commercial fleets, industries, and utilities fully fuelled and running at their peak efficiency – even in times of uncertainty.

Ranked amongst the nation’s top diversity-owned businesses, PS Energy Group is a premier partner to Fortune 500 companies, strategically assessing and managing their fleet and facility’s fuel and energy usage. From transportation fuels to emergency fueling, the organization’s fleet management service includes etrac®, a wireless telematics solution that boosts workforce productivity and fleet profitability. It also helps increase energy efficiency and environmental quality through better asset monitoring and tracking.

Experts in Fuel Management

PS Energy Group manages as many as 6000 customer sites nationwide and manages, supplies, and sometimes owns the inventory for all types of fuels and tank capacities starting from 500 gallons to 2,000,000 gallons.

The organization additionally owns and operates two natural gas pipelines in Yazoo City, MS, and Hazelton, WV. Both pipelines are instrumental in supplying the federal prisons of the areas and are ready for future expansion for providing natural gas to businesses in the industrial area nearby.

PS Energy is very proud of its Emergency Fuelling Program, a “first of its kind” program. Developed in 1993, the program has provided relief to multiple industries and utilities during natural disasters. Between 2013 and 2022, PS Energy Group deployed 1000 assets, delivering an estimated 3.3 million gallons of fuel to more than 156,000 vehicles.

Livia Whisenhunt is the President, CEO, and founder of PS Energy Group. She has been instrumental in spearheading and executing most of PS Energy Group’s milestones. She is also responsible for setting the company’s strategic direction and leading its growth.

“The More Complex the Mind, the Greater the Need for the Simplicity of Play”

Ms. Whisenhunt served as the Region IV Chairperson of the Federal Regulatory Fairness Board, established by Congress and the President, to represent small businesses and comment on the enforcement activities of federal regulatory agencies. She was also appointed by Georgia’s Lt. Governor to the House-Senate Study Committee for House Bill 215, which deregulated natural gas in the state of Georgia.

Awards and Accolades

Under Ms. Whisenhunt’s leadership, PS Energy Group ranks among the top Hispanic and women-owned companies in the nation. The company has been the recipient of multiple awards including the 2014 Edison Electric Institute (EEI) Supplier Diversity award in recognition of PS Energy Group’s “exceptional contribution and commitment to the EEI Supplier Diversity Initiative”.

In 2006, PS Energy Group received the Supplier of the Year award presented by the Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council recognizing the company’s energy-based relief efforts during the devastating Hurricane Katrina. The company received the recognition again in 2015, and in 2016 was awarded the Regional Class IV Supplier of the Year by the National Minority Supplier Development Council.

Tackling Challenges

As it has often been said, the pandemic has changed the world as we have known it. During the initial days of the pandemic, lockdowns and stay-at-home orders were imposed to contain the rise of infection. With the decrease in transportation, fuel consumption fell nearly 10 percent in March and 30 percent in April 2020. This drop in consumption presented a challenge for the fueling industry and their ROI. However, PS Energy Group held its own and continues to manage its customers’ fueling needs, keeping their fleets running at peak efficiency.

Although the primary challenge in this industry is creating interest in, and availability of transportation fuels and fleet solutions, another challenge that presents itself is developing new services and products where the ROI outweighs the cost of development. Data-driven products like PS Energy’s etrac® GPS and telematics solutions are only as good as the platform on which they are presented. PS Energy’s technology allows clients to grow through acquisitions, utilizing existing assets and avoiding stranded costs with its open architecture and device-adaptable platforms – a platform where virtually any device can be presented and managed on a single platform.

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