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Mohammed Mubin Mallick: Transforming the Robotics Industry

Robotics was merely a fairy-tale/fiction when it was first introduced to the world. With technological evolution, we have witnessed a plethora degree disruption in the traditional business sphere. Though robotics has not grown as it was depicted two or three decades prior, it has shown tremendous/note-worthy development in disrupting traditional businesses. Very few in the industry have contributed to this, and one such revolutionary personality is Mohammed Mubin Mallick, the CEO and the Founder of Kiran Smart.

Mubin discovered the potential of robotics during an international summit GITEX, 2018 in Dubai. He was surprised by the technology and developed a curiosity about its possible applications. As automation and robotics have shown a promising future, Mubin decided to blend his newly developed interest into his company’s product portfolio. “I have always thought about robot but it came in reality,” he adds. Since then, he carried out research programs and held interactive campaigns with various robot manufacturers around the world. He started acquiring robots to understand its technical factors and what services he can offer to the market with robots. Currently, Kiran Smart is signed up with many Robotics companies and manufacturers around the world to be the most innovative robotics Technology Company in Kuwait and GCC. He strives to make his company one of the best robotics service and solution providers globally.

He and his team focus on adapting innovative technologies to solve the problems of their customers and help them to be abreast with the latest advancements. The company is continuously investing in its research on the new trend of products and solutions that are coming into the market. “We adopt it and also educate our customers too so that they could have the knowledge of it,” he mentions. He claims his company is an out-of-the-box thinking entity that stays ahead of its competition with its ability to bring authenticity to the robotics industry. He considers his KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE has been the biggest failures of his professional life. He understood the power of knowledge and started to acquire as much as he can to prevail in the revolutionary industry of robotics. “So, to acquire knowledge I have invested my personal life and time in it to know more and more,” he asserts. He is proud of his endeavors on how he went the extra mile to fabricate himself as a pioneer in the field achieving milestones in his pathway. As per a say ‘it doesn’t come easy’, Mubin also faced various challenges and obstacles while paving his journey.

Most primary obstacles for him were focused on how to face the challenge in terms of competition, handling the employees, maintaining the best customer relationships, and customers satisfaction. To overcome these challenges, he follows a different approach strategy for every specific challenge faced. “Sometimes it cannot be defined because it comes within, which is inner self instinct,” he adds. He relies on his leadership principles which are driven by being Kind Hearted. Before a business leader, he is a humanitarian at heart. He prefers to be kind towards people and recommends others to do so. “Because kindness can win anything,” he asserts. “According to me any Leader must have certain skills and it could vary leaders to leaders. As of me, what I would say about my leadership’s skills: kindness, problem solver, supportive, forecaster, innovator, and giver,” he mentions. Kindness and compassion have always been key ingredients behind Mubin’s success. According to his experience, he has learned that kindness is even more powerful than love. “The reason is that Love you cannot show to everyone but one can be kind to any person,” he adds. “I would say that you cannot love mankind but you can be kind to mankind.”

Moreover, he always provides guidance to his team and resolves problems immediately with his decisiveness. As a visionary, he prefers an optimistic approach while dealing with new innovative ideas and provides creative space for his team to contribute to the better growth of the company. “Reason when I am leading the team, I am learning how to treat the team members, I am understanding the psychology of the team member and many more,” he emphasizes.

Marching with Compassion and Conviction

Mubin defines success as a journey and not a destination. He says, “one’s journey ends when death comes. Therefore, till then the journey will be on with more achievements and success which means success is non-stoppable achievements in life.” He equips many innovative ideas but looking at the current situation he desires that we all must cumulatively take measures to tackle the biggest dilemma—COVID 19. He paraphrases his mother advice, Live up to others expectation. Don’t be in luxury but give to others who cannot afford in their Life. He considers it as the best life-leading advice one can ever receive as it teaches the true essence of compassion. “I do not make people feel their position whether they are rich or poor or in higher position or in lower position and I treat everyone equally with love and respect all,” he adds. He firmly believes in God and the notion of helping others through his endeavors. “The more I am giving to the world then more blessing I have from GOD. Factor which give me immense pleasure is the Love that I am getting from people for my work,” he mentions.

Moreover, he envisions achieving the successful stature of a World-Renowned Robotics Solutions and Services Company. He claims his success journey differently than many as he started his business to help others to prevail rather than for his benefit. Professionally, he still believes that he has not reached the ultimate goal and considers his accomplishments as mere steps of the ladder aiming towards success. He will not his achievements hammer his persistence and will continue to strive in building brand trust across the globe.



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