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Susan Semmelmann: An Exemplary Woman in Design

Our homes are our sanctuaries; our comfort zones, a place where we can acquire a sense of belonging. We personalize this place to meet and suit our preferences. However, with all of the intricacies, options, and decisions to consider, the decorating process can become daunting. In such cases, seeking advice from interior designers help us bring balance and elegance to our space. They adapt to our tastes in creating environments that make us happy to reside, under the banner of interior design.

Interior design is a space that is equally dominated by both men and women, but one must acknowledge the extra creativity that women bring to the table. From extending their finesse and artistic skills to creating brands that are loved by people all over the world, women interior designers are carving a niche for themselves. One such young and inspiring Interior Designer is Susan Semmelmann. Susan has worked tirelessly over the years to build her design firm — Susan Semmelmann Interiors. Susan designs amazing one-of-a-kind feature elements that can be included in the home throughout the construction phase. Her brand is known for catering to various lifestyles and having a blend of contemporary, modern, vintage and bold vibes. the inception in March 2019, she has expanded by leaps and bounds in merely three years. Currently, the company has 70 projects in the pipeline, and Susan’s expertise is in high demand.

Susan brought her 23 years of design and construction knowledge to the table. She stepped out in faith, armed with vast experience and a crystal-clear vision, to start her new venture with no clients and only a few willing staff. Her customer list swiftly grew, and she now needs to hire more designers and critical personnel to keep up with Demand. Her key goal in growing her company is to retain loyalty, relationships, and connections among her employees. She believes, that if fundamental values are prioritized, work will always reflect a high degree of excellence, resulting in a trusted brand. “The quality of life lies in how you choose to see it. It’s all about perspective,” she adds.

Transforming Styles into Spaces that Rejoice Living

Susan has remarkably carved her journey to attain her current stature. With the help of her team at her design firm, she continued to work with her clients to create inspiring and innovative designs that meet their tastes and styles. Through networking, word-of-mouth, and recognition from peers and contemporaries, Susan Semmelmann Interiors has become a hot topic. Much like Susan’s firecracker personality, she and her team’s designs are utterly unique. “We are a turn-key design firm that can walk our clients from construction through completion. Soup to nuts. We provide many levels of custom consultation and design options, as well as hundreds of top-quality vendor lines offering art, décor, and furnishings,” she asserts.

She states that every project uniquely identifies itself as each space has its own identity and feel. While designing a project, endless factors are incorporated together. Almost everything in the environment, including what lurks deep within the senses, acts as a stimulus; be it a piece of music, a painting, enticing objects, nature, culture, and most importantly people and their stories. Susan’s competitive advantage is her ability to build a home that is truly theirs, integrating elegance, comfort, and function while remaining within their means and budget. Aside from having a thorough understanding of their requirements, she was able to save time and make the entire process fun and painless.

If you can dream it, she can Build it!

Keeping supply-chain constraints into consideration, the company focuses on broadening product access and availability to satisfy clients’ needs. Her clients undoubtedly agree to the fact that Susan Semmelmann Interiors puts the ‘custom’ in custom-made. The firm’s construction detailing options include floor-to-ceiling feature walls, fireplace surrounds, ceiling details, cabinetry, tile design, and integrated lighting, to name a few. Semmelmann Interiors also has an in-house collection of beautiful custom drapes, bedding, and upholstered furniture made from quality fabrics sourced directly from mills. Their exclusive offerings also include custom-crafted mattresses, seats, ottomans, mirrors, and headboards. Momentarily, the designed pieces chosen for projects are not found in retail, so it intends to customize the desired items.

‘The Spirit of Living is in the Giving’ is the motto that encapsulates Susan’s purpose for doing what she does. “I have the amazing privilege to use the vehicle of top-notch client service and fabulous design to invest back into my community and make a difference,” she says. Susan Semmelmann’s star is blazing across the interior design landscape of Dallas-Fort Worth and beyond. She thrives on giving stellar service to her clients and also shines a light on charitable pursuits near and dear to her heart.

Future Endeavours

Susan and her team are developing something spectacular in Fort Worth in an attempt to build dreams for their clients. She mentions, “What started as a cautious commitment to take on 2,500 square feet of office space has grown into a 10,000-square-foot firm with aspirations for an online presence and off-site storage to retain items and merchandise.” The Vickery location will house the firm’s office as well as Fort Worth Drapery and Fort Worth Design Studio. The concept is to open these resources to the public and give other designers more options to offer their clients. Moreover, being a compassionate personality, Susan is committed to sharing and desires to enlighten others with her insights.

“Susan Semmelmann Interiors is 100% invested in making our clients’ dreams a reality. They are trusting us with their hearts’ desire for their homes. It’s an honor to be part of that process, and we don’t take it lightly. We simply partner with them by bringing our resources and expertise to the table to build something beautiful!” one of her clients emphasizes.

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