Risk factor for Coinbase IPO, Transferring Nakamoto’s 1.1 million Bitcoins | USD 46 billion

Various reports have suggested that the Coinbase Global Inc., the cryptocurrency trading platform the awaited public offerings post filing paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the month of February.

Coinbase, in order to go public is aiming to employee nontraditional direct listing, and one such listing would be Nasdaq Inc. in exchange under the symbol “COIN”. This type of direct listing clearly indicates that, Coinbase will not be raising any new monetary assets which was unlikely carried out by Palantir Technologies, Spotify Technologies, Slack Technologies in these passed years. Below are the details one might seek of Coinbase in its public offerings:

The company was co-founded in the year 2012 by Brain Armstrong, who also plays the role of Chief Executive Officer, with Fred Ehrsam, the director of Coinbase. As per various reports, Armstrong’s networth is currently $6.5 billion which is directly based on his owning in the Coinbase, and if the above mentioned direct listing goes off successfully then the net worth will tend to increase. The company is starting with the rapidly growing and which is currently number one in the market i.e. bitcoin. Whereas, bitcoin has acquired attention of many as it has broken its own records many times and touched its peak above USD 58,000 which has resulted in driving the gains through exchanges. It has hit the market value of USD 1 trillion in the recent time, which almost 70 per cent of the total crypto market whilst there are many other popular cyrptocurrencies out there trading on Coinbase, not excluding ether based on Etherum’s blockchain, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash created by the individuals known as Satoshi Nakamoto. The reports also states that Andreessen Horowitz, a venture-capital firm which happens to the largest owner of Coinbase elevating for around quarter percent of Class A shares and 14 per cent of Class B, in an addition to Marc Andreessen , the head is on the Coinbase’s board.

Reports also suggests that Coinbase might have risk as like any other company, its biggest risk factor is that it is holding its stakes on unproven assets which is a decade old. Basically the company is attempting to make such cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and other various alternative crypto coins out there in the market which are already written or are in the process. “There is no assurance that any supported crypto asset will maintain its value or that there will be meaningful levels of trading activities. In the event that the price of crypto assets or the demand for trading crypto assets decline, our business, operating results, and financial condition would be adversely affected. A majority of our net revenue is from transactions in Bitcoin and ethereum. If demand for these crypto assets declines and is not replaced by new demand for crypto assets, our business, operating results, and financial condition could be adversely affected,” writes Coinbase in its S-1 filing.

It has also facing the many backlashes by various nation’s governments which might affect the exchange platform, Coinbase. Another risk for the company would be, as Satoshi Nakamoto has never been identified whether it’s an individual entity or group of people, which might bring heckles in the company’s pathway. The reports also states that Nakamoto has mined up to 1.1 million bitcoin, which is estimated to be valued for USD 46 billion at today’s values; which are left untouched. Currently, one can say that Coinbase the crypto exchange platform ranks 3 among all the largest digital asset exchanges across the globe.

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