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Covid-19’s Impact On Education: Super 30’s Anand Kumar

The Covid-19 outbreak has negatively impacted education, and online education still has a long way to go to meet the demands of millions of children throughout the world, according to the recognized instructor and Super 30 creator Anand Kumar.

The Context for the Reports 

Super 30’s Anand Kumar is a journalist and Indian mathematician who grew up in Patna, Bihar. His super 30 class, which he started in Patna, Bihar, is famous. He educates financially weaker youngsters for the IIT-JEE, the Indian Institutes of Technology’s entrance exams (IITs).

The primary goal of Super 30 is to find promising young groups of learners from underprivileged areas and help them polish their talents by facilitating a supportive atmosphere. There are no limits to talent. It’s all over the place. All that is required is to recognize and promote the main power to grow.

Super 30 has performed that in the previous years, with good results. The exceptional students have received excellent instruction and an open environment to achieve their full potential.

Super 30 aims to assist students from low socio-economic backgrounds in entering IITs.

Anand Kumar’s proclamation in Salaam Bahrain’s program

Anand Kumar, speaking at the Indian School in Bahrain’s Salaam Bahrain program on the concept strategy of learning and teaching in the post-pandemic world, said that the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic had been unavoidable worldwide, mainly on youngsters pursuing education.

We have no idea whether this is the end pandemic or when another will occur. As a result, we must be prepared because children cannot be kept out of the educational sector for such a prolonged duration, saying that Covid-19’s significance is now showing itself in significant learning inconsistencies.

Even though the circumstances needed online education, Kumar stated that they were not primed and ready due to the significant socio-economic differences.

He even stated that, as the popularity of digital learning has developed and will continue to grow, the value of qualified educators would rise as well.

Since e-learning is becoming more popular, the most outstanding educators will be rising and readily available. The primary concept of education is for students to be able to grasp the knowledge.

Improved technological discovery will play a significant role in this, and experts are making it more engaging for learners, Anand Kumar said.

Moreover, Super 30’s Anand Kumar wanted to expand the digital educational system so that in the future, if any pandemic occurs, that doesn’t cause any problems for the young generation.

The only thing to keep an eye on is student convenience. Students must have complete knowledge of the course. Any further pandemic should not impact students’ education systems.

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