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Tamara Mosidze: Redefining Home Health Care

Meet Tamara Mosidze, the founder and CEO of Premier Care LLC, which is a fully bonded and insured, dedicated non-medical home care service provider licensed in Connecticut and New York.

With a dream and vision to make a better life for herself, her family, and others in need Tamara immigrated to America from the country of Georgia 23 years ago. Before embarking on her professional journey she used her knowledge in health care and began working with Greenwich physicians, caring for their patients for over 15 years. Work experience and instant rapport with physicians and other health care workers earned Tamara a stellar reputation as a caregiver extraordinaire and smart businesswoman.

In 2015, Tamara followed her passion and started Premier Care LLC, an award-winning, non-medical home care agency offering affordable care for seniors and individuals with chronic or acute conditions. Premier Care’s services are provided in homes, assisted leaving, and senior facilities. Premier Care operates on the belief with the right kind of assistance and support, individuals can remain safely in their own houses, where people feel the greatest sense of purpose and they are most comfortable and happy.

Premier Care LLC’s services include Companion and Homemaker, Personal Care, and Specialized Care Services.

Solving Client’s Requirements

As an organization, Premier Care serves high-profile clients. The clients are mostly seniors, others with disabilities, chronic and acute conditions. Tamara’s team does free assessment and evaluation to learn about the client’s needs, including their medical history, level of care, personality, and lifestyle. Premier Care creates uniquely designed care plans for each client and then the organization matches the right individual by his/her background, personality, and work experience. Tamara believes each client is unique and requires a special approach and attention to certain details for a successful outcome.

Premier Care’s caregivers are special people with special skills, they are educated, intelligent, honest, and kind. Tamara and her team handpick each employee, they have mastered their skills choosing the right people. Tamara is an advocate of her clients, the client is a priority, then she supports the employees, they are the ones who shine this company.

The Pandemic

During the pandemic most caregiving agencies experienced a decrease in demand for home visits, reflecting clients’ concern about infection, family members assuming care duties, and/or aides being unavailable for work. However, Premier Care was able to maintain a healthy and safe environment within the agency, taking all necessary actions to keep clients and caregivers safe. So, the agency switched home visits by zoom calls and other online services. Under Tamara’s leadership, the organization started developing more extensive infection prevention policies, procedures, and workforce training and sourcing personal protective equipment (PPE).

During the pandemic, Premier Care updated its approach to business, as many other companies have and most administrative work, appointments, and interviews were done online. The world became digital and Tamara alongside her team adopted a new lifestyle very quickly and safely. Life felt different, times were very challenging, clients felt isolated, as care giving company, Premier Care had to give a tremendous amount of support. Despite all of the challenges, Premier Care has maintained a good reputation, demand is still growing, need for home care services has also increased.

Entrepreneurship in a Male-Dominated Society 

Tamara says, “It’s ironic that most home care agency owners are males and have strong business and money-making skills. Some of them even come from wall street or banking backgrounds to do home health care business. Women are different than men and we have a different approach for this type of business.” She also adds, “We put our hearts and souls in what we do, we personalize our service., we hear peoples’ problems, we salve their problems and we take very good care of our employees.”

Although she believes, the Home Health Care field has the majority of female workers, who include nurses, social workers, case managers, and doctors.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, Tamara considers it as the core of the American Dream and there are several approaches to it including Sociological, Psychological, Political, etc. She feels entrepreneurship is a constant desire to make things better, ability to recognize opportunity, and create value. Each client gives Premier Care different ideas and requires a different approach, for Tamara and her team, it’s a learning curve and one rule doesn’t apply to all. Clients have different ethnicities and different cultures, it’s critically important to have the ability to understand the feelings and needs of others. Tamara feels she and her team needs to be good leaders and role models to their employees, that’s what makes them want to follow them. She feels, an entrepreneur is not a common person, they have creative, managerial, and imaginative skills and this kind of personality develops in a person who has a strong motivation for achievement.

Future Roadmap

Tamara says, “We are maintaining an excellent reputation and 5-star reviews for the past 6 years.” The agency creates a happy environment for its workers and clients as well, especially during these most unpredictable and complicated times. Premier Care LLC is a rising star amongst many other competitors. Tamara is planning to expand her agency in new locations and expand services nationwide.

Suggestions for Young Female Entrepreneurs

Tamara is an immigrant from another country, plus as a female, speaking with a foreign accent, many years worked very hard and became one of luckiest people and now, her story is a true success story. She says, “America is the country where all your dreams come true. Dream and dream again, have a passion, have a goal, be honest, stay positive, work hard and never give up, if I did it, you can do it.” Her story inspires others. She sees things differently than others. Tamara adds, “When you get to this stage where you see your potential and capabilities, your mind opens wider, all your fears fade and you are in control benefiting yourself and others as well. Be open-minded and never mean, rude, insecure or jealous. Learn from your mistakes. Be happy for others and always give help. Generosusity is magic word, you must give whether it’s good emotion or a monatery thing. Concentrate on quality only and don’t let greed control you. Do what you are good at, what is your talent, what your heart tells you, and it will all happen naturally. Every person has some skills, they just have to use them and they will succeed.”

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