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Victoria Thompson: Helping Businesses to Grow with Leadership

The ability to read situations and react quickly is a key trait for entrepreneurs, but it isn’t always present. Those who are less experienced or need guidance when understanding these things often turn towards leadership coaching companies. These companies offer courses and programs that provide clients with the training and tools necessary to become successful business leaders.

Victory is Us LLC, founded by Victoria Thompson is one such leadership coaching company. Victoria has developed several customizable coaching programs that she facilitates for individuals, companies, and government clients. She has worked in leadership and training for over 12 years helping not only to lead organizations but to train others for leadership positions alongside her. The curriculum she delivers through one-on-ones, workshops, retreats, and as a motivational speaker was created to improve mindset and processes for total performance improvement.

Victoria achieves this by helping clients with company growth, goal & plan development, assessing their strengths and weaknesses, helping them grow their business from inception, and guiding them in the completion of strategic business growth tasks. She creates systems to monitor business growth and establish methods for improvement. Using spoken word poetry Victoria delivers a unique learning experience that harnesses the power of emotion to deep dive into personal and professional aspects of performance.

Victoria’s leadership education is built on an understanding of how to effectively manage people and processes. She had taken numerous courses on personal brand building, conversational leadership, and business start-up procedures. Victoria has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Phoenix and Certifications in Green and Blackbelt Project Management from New Horizons. She is also a seasoned spoken word poet who has been developing her writing skills since childhood. She has learned strong leadership skills while attending Naval Aviation School to become a computer systems technician in the military. Her ability to communicate effectively, listen empathetically, drive innovation through creative problem-solving, and plan strategically is one of a kind.

Early Life

Victoria’s passion for inspiring people started at a very young age at a little white church in Beaumont, Texas. There she learned the power of the spoken word and the art of delivering a message with rhythm and genuine emotion in a powerful way. She soon started writing poetry at eleven and spoken word at about 16, fascinated by language and its ability to take people on an emotional journey. As a teen, Victoria wanted to know everything there was to know about, how to uplift and inspire people, and after the military how to heal them too.

Victoria joined the Navy as an Aviation electronics technician and it taught her how much she loved helping other people and the discipline it requires to be good at it. The military showed her what it means to lead a group through some of the toughest environments mentally, physically, and emotionally. And it left her wanting to do more, so hours after being honorably discharged she took her first psychology class. She fell in love! Discovering the science behind how the mind works felt like Disneyland, learning how mailable the brain is, and how thoughts create energetic waves was fascinating. About 6 months after getting her BS in Psychology She started working on Certifications to better assist the people she was advising. Victoria got her Certifications as a Green and Blackbelt Project Manager and learned how to translate goals and desires into achievable projects.

Throughout her career, Victoria has received many awards for her leadership skills, ability to facilitate perspective shifts, spoken word performances, and lyrical eloquence. As a Navy sailor, she received multiple ‘Plane captain of the month’ awards as well as a Cag 7 coin for exemplary leadership as shop supervisor during a detachment. She has received numerous academic awards and recognition for outstanding academic performance and is a Distinguished Texas Scholar. Victoria Thompson has been featured in Woman Entrepreneur Magazine and spoken at TEDx McHenry about the science behind spoken word poetry. She recently developed a project called “Spoken Free” to help rehabilitation efforts of at-risk youth and has been a volunteer with the COGIC for over 10 years.

Services that you can Depend on

Victory Is Us LLC is a collective of coaches and consults dedicated to the development and advancement of leaders throughout their journey. The organization offers interactive workshops, groups, individual sessions, retreats, and various online courses that cover self-awareness, self-management, interpersonal skills, effective team building, change management, process assessment, improvement, and maintenance. Victory is Us LLC’s unique method of delivery uses spoken word poetry to supercharge intentions and ignite the brain’s right hemisphere, increasing memory and cognition in ways ordinary speech does not. It is designed for business owners and companies looking to have that edge over their competitors. The ones that have reached a level of success that they know it is the small things that make the biggest differences. Some benefits include creating space for honest communication, self-reflection, and inspiration that disrupts in all the right ways. When it comes to building company culture and developing inclusion and diversity programs, Victory Is Us specializes in creating inclusive environments. Spoken word has also been known to resonate more deeply with marginalized groups such as women and minorities as well as anyone dealing with mental health issues. Clients experience improvement in creative problem solving, effective communication, clarity, and teamwork as well as performance.

Making Leaders, who can Lead!

Currently, the organization offers multiple customizable coaching packages, and speaking, and hosting services for businesses and individuals. Individual packages are primarily designed for business owners and entrepreneurs, who are seeking to improve their leadership skills and processes. Individual packages start with a 4-session pack which includes four 60-minute coaching sessions to allow clients to try out the services. They offer individual programs that are from 3 to 6 months and include monthly sessions, unlimited online and phone support as well as access to a mastermind group for a limited time. For teams and companies, Victory Is Us LLC offers packages ranging from 3 months to 3 years. Each program is developed and adjusted according to the needs and goals of the company. The retreats and workshops are offered separately and can be included in the company programs and are priced according to duration. Victory Is Us also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason on all packages, so clients can trust its commitment to providing services that are the best fit for them.

When the Pandemic Came

According to Victoria Thompson, “Studies show Covid has had a huge impact in the business coaching industry. One of the key driving factors for the business coaching industry is disposable income so when people have less income, they are less likely to hire a coach. The pandemic has caused me to shift from in-person sessions and speaking events to virtual. Victory Is Us LLC developed more virtual courses and workshops, we even had Facebook and WhatsApp groups that have become pretty popular.”

Challenges from the Male-Dominated Society

As a women entrepreneur in a male-dominated nation the biggest challenge Victoria Thompson has faced is unconscious bias. She says, “the powerful force of unconscious bias works subtly against women entrepreneurs. It refers to the inherent stereotypes we all develop regarding people such as beliefs about others based on ethnicity or gender. We are unknowingly influenced by these biases, which effects our interactions and decisions without truly knowing we are doing it. Some bias’s women face specifically include double-bind bias and assumption bias, which presents a challenge for me and any woman in leadership.”

Victoria’s approach to entrepreneurship is to constantly develop higher levels of self-awareness. According to her, just like in the military, the journey of an entrepreneur requires quite a bit of self-mastery to thrive. “The better I am able to understand myself as a person, my strengths and weaknesses, the better prepared I can set and accomplish the goals I’ve created. Understanding how I am perceived by others and how that is constantly evolving helps improve my interpersonal relationships.”

Victoria Thompson believes, another challenge faced by various women leaders who are slowly emerging, is the lack of sponsorships, which eventually stops the growth of many female entrepreneurs. According to Harvard Business Review, women struggles more than their male counterpart to reach the c-suite due to the lack of good sponsorships, which provides much-needed steppingstone opportunities. “

Motivating Leadership Teams

The vision for Victory Is Us LLC is to: “inspire, motivate, and support both young and senior leadership teams through building self-awareness, selfmanagement, and problem-solving skills to master a lucrative career and passionate personal life.” During the next 3-5 years Victoria Thompson plans to focus on acquiring funding for expansion, increasing brand awareness, building clientele, and further developing the organization’s Spoken Free Project. The Spoken Free Project is a rehabilitation program designed to help marginalized youth gain the skills necessary to transition back into society in a meaningful way. Victory is Us LLC’s goal is to expand from one correctional facility to the rest of the region within the next 5 years.


How you perceive yourself, others and the world affects every decision you make, what opportunities you are aware of, and what people you attract. Self-awareness has tremendous benefits, but it requires consistent effort; mindfulness is a practice of continuous self-discovery.

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