Empowering Women

Empowering Women

Why Empowering Women is Beneficial For Society

When human beings were living in the wild and society had not yet been established, there was a sense of equality between men and women. As societies developed all over the world, the status of women in these societies gradually reduced and women had very little or no power. This reduced their influence and almost made women the weaker citizens or secondary citizens in society as compared to their male counterparts. Systemic sexism, no control over their lives and destiny, physical and mental abuse and a lack of respect for women has been seen all over the world for thousands of years. But over the last few decades, women are finally but gradually getting more empowered and women’s empowerment is beneficial for the women in the society as well as the society in general.

Steps to Empower Women in the 21st Century

  • The circumstance of one woman is very different from another but women’s empowerment is a global concept and some countries are doing better on this score than others. 
  • Some basic methods and steps are needed in most societies to empower women. Education is the basic step to empower women as an educated woman can earn a living and also know her fundamental rights.
  • Access to food and clean drinking water is an essential step and in some countries, access to sanitary toilets is also essential. 
  • It is essential to make people understand that young girls have to be treated equally at home and in society. Encouraging them to work towards a fulfilling and achievement- oriented life is important.
  • Improved access to healthcare, ability to work and earn money, protections from physical and mental abuse at home and in the workplace, and just giving respect to women is important.
  • The access to police protection and also a just and fair rule of law in society helps in women empowerment. The rights to vote, elimination of practices like child marriage, and better inheritance laws for women are all important steps toward women’s empowerment. In some cases, reservation for women in politics, in employment and education helps in the empowerment of women.

Benefits of Women’s Empowerment

The main benefit of women’s empowerment is the upliftment for women and equality in society all over the world. Women are half of the population on the planet and it is important culturally and economically for women to contribute to society. The steps of women empowerment mentioned above, protect women, give them a sense of equality and achievement and also make them more valuable members of society. Braking through barriers make women more independent and more confident, this makes it beneficial for society. Women are good at making a decision, calmly reacting to situations, solving problems and encouraging women to study or work in non-traditional fields like politics and science is a great idea.

The benefits to women and society of empowering women are limitless. It is a smart choice to make society more just, equal and one that encourages and respects women. It is a gradual process and the world is changing in this aspect one day at a time.

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