Women entrepreneurs

Why more Women Entrepreneurs should consider investing?

Women have been breaking the glass ceiling in all walks of life, especially the business world. According to research, now women are in charge of four out of 10 businesses in the U.S., and the number of businesses owned by women’s own has gone up by 114 percent in reference to the data acquired twenty years ago. Of course, they are in no mood to slow down and more and more women are going to college and educating themselves, and becoming the prime breadwinner in their respective families. 

In spite of all the progress women are making in the right direction, they still struggle in terms of management of cash and especially investing, compared to their counterparts. According to a popular business magazine, women are far behind men when it comes to financial literacy tests and they also tend to invest 40 percent less in comparison with men. Though women are considered great with saving as they save 9 percent of their salary, while on the other hand men save only 8.6 percent. But when women were asked what they would do if they were handed $1,000, and the immediate response was that they were 35 percent less likely to invest the money when compared to men.

Even though women entrepreneurs run business excellently and are great at money-saving. They have a hard time understanding the importance of investing – even at the cost of taking some risks. In order to help women invest more, there are tons of online investing platform made for women, that has taken an initiative to bring the change by providing the required guidance and mentoring needed to handle those risks successfully. 

Why investing can be difficult for women entrepreneurs?

Women entrepreneurs have higher chances of gaining more personal and business capital through investing. They can also advance their savings and secure their financial future. For example, if they put their money into a traditional savings account, which will build upon average only about .01 percent to .06 percent a year in interest, whereas, comparing that to the stock market, where one can get historical returns of 10 percent and the window to gain quarterly dividends. So if they are putting $1,000 into a savings account and gaining .05 percent interest, they would be getting $5 in interest over the course of a year. But, if they put it into the stock market, then they can potentially get a 10 percent return, and eventually, they’ll make $100 that year. 

But how to actually get started? 

Associating with online investing platforms will definitely help in creating and managing their personalized portfolios. The investment algorithm will weigh crucial factors in women’s lives such as career breaks, pay gaps, and longer lifespans, and decide with their financial planners.

Women entrepreneurs might find it intimidating, as they have never bought a stock share but now have a desire to get into bonds and real estate but don’t know-how. But with the help of proper guidance, they can start investing in a diversified portfolio easily and begin to boost their financial future.

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